As with all my rings there are 2 main rules.

1. All sites must be family safe. No porn, no racial or religious hate please.

2. The ring code must be installed on the page you submit.

A place where all Genealogists can gather to share their sites with others. This ring also has sites filled with family photos, list of family reunions and much more.

This is a ring of well-designed web sites and home pages, any reasonable topic; this ring welcomes children to surf.

This WebRing has been formed in an attempt to promote the activities of genealogical and historical research and preservation. Covers All States, All Countries, All Surnames. This is it then!!! Sign on and become a member NOW!

The purpose for this ring is to link homepages containing an approach to life with a common message expressing that the differences between us need not be viewed harshly as much can be done to live at peace. Members of this ring believe strongly in the existence of an innate goodness in others and take responsibility to set moral and ethical standards in their relationships while protecting the rights of others to differ.

This ring is for all those who spend most of their day voting for themselves and others. Are you involved in any website comps or top sites? Then come on! Sign up! Your Welcome here. You can add your site, your one-stop voting page, and your spirit pages.

Just a ring for webmasters to get together and show off their creativity. All family friendly sites welcome!

A place for people who mingle in cyberspace and have websites that contribute to the Internet in a positive way including blogs, chat, rings, topsites, help sites and various Internet communities.

This ring is for all sites that contain family trees, family stories, or genealogy help. Come on in and check us out. This may just be the ring for you. Please, no porn or racial hate sites. This is a family safe ring!!!!

A ring to join Net Junkies around the world together.

Websites featuring information from around the world.

A ring for all of us who are hooked on rings and proud of it. LOL.

This ring is for anyone with rings, sites, or pages about families. Anything about families, genealogy, etc. is welcome here.

For people who just have a site about stuff and want people to see it. And so they can have the satisfaction of knowing that their work is not just being seen by them.

A place for anyone who has a family friendly blog.

A spot for all bloggers. If you have a blog this is the ring for you.

A Webring For Anyone Who Loves The Victorian Era. Victorian Graphics are welcome. Both women and gentlemen can join!!

A place for blogs, chats, journals, groups, etc. If it's worth discussing, it belongs here.

A place filled with interesting and informative sites that are of particular interest to women with the focus being on health and general well being issues. Get information, articles and tips concerning women's physical and emotional well being.

This is a ring for unique or eccentric people that decided to make a website in the course of their lives..

This webring is for ladies that share the common interest of Victorian Times and the bond of Sisterhood.

This ring is for all who have sites or rings relating to gardening, cooking, landscaping, interior decorating, building contractors. Anything inside or outside the home.

People against violence and abuse, real life stories, theories, peace.

A community of game related web sites. Board games, card games, video games, role playing games, etc. All are welcome here.

The one for all webring has a little bit of everything! If you have a website, you can join no matter the subject of your site. The only sites that won't be accepted are adult themed sites and hate related sites etc. I want to have a nice clean ring here!! :) Join today!!!.